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Candy Mountain Music is a unique, hands-on, interactive, energetic,  yet mindful approach to musical play for babies (6 months to 1 year and actively walking), Toddlers (1 and actively walking through 28 months), Preschoolers (ages 28 months to 4 years), PRETENDergarteners (ages 4-6), and Big Kids (ages 6-9). Babies will delight in the experience of different sounds, movement, tones, and textures. Toddlers and Preschoolers will enjoy songs, dances, movement play, and exploration of instruments. PRETENDergarteners is a perfect option for the homeschooling family, and BIG KIDS are still kids and benefit tremendously from interactive, play based learning experiences. BIG KIDS  2-hr DROP OFF workshops feature opportunities for individual and group responses, movement play, instrument exploration, musical games, story time, dancing, singing, and  always end with "Doodletunes" a Candy Mountain Music original blend of art and music. They are the perfect way to keep a love for music blooming as well as help to build confident, creative children who know their original voice matters.  Please bring a water bottle for your child!  

 Candy Mountain is an independent program that is Lexington based. This means you are attending a one of a kind program sure to delight little ones, parents, and caregivers throughout the weeks! Music makes memories. Let's make some together! Be sure to visit Candy Mountain Music on Facebook as well!

Weekday and Evening classes available!

2017 Winner of of Favorite Music Program in Lexington by the readers of Lexington Family Magazine!

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Candy Mountain Music Toddlers (ages 1 and walking-28 months): $55.00/ 4 week session (adjusted rates for shorter sessions)

Preschoolers (ages 28 months to 4 years):  $55.00/ 4 week session (adjusted rates for shorter sessions)

Candy Mountain PRETENDergarteners (ages 4-6): $55.00/ 4 week session

Candy Mountain BABIES (6 months old through one year and actively walking): $55.00 /4 week session

Candy Mountain BIG KIDS (6-9 years): $25.00/ session

Specialty pop up classes/singles: $15.00-$20.00 each student dependent on class

*Sibling discount: buy one get the second half off with coupon code sibling


Sessions fill quickly and therefore we are typically unable to offer make up sessions for students.  Babies under a year old are welcome to attend our kids sessions with their sibling free of charge. We do ask that older children not come to the babies sessions for the safety and well being of our smallest Candy Mountain participants. Refunds are given in the following situations: You remove your child from the session a week in advance of the series beginning or cancellations of classes by Miss. Sarah. Refunds are not given for family travel, sickness, over sleeping etc. Policies are in place to ensure students on our wait list have the ability to join available classes and to ensure our instructors are compensated for the number of students registered.

A Note from Sarah:

Make-up classes are NOT guaranteed. That said, I understand that children get sick and sometimes things come up. However, I want to remind everyone of the following policies that are put in place to protect the experiences of those enrolled in these classes.

1. Make-ups will NOT be permitted in any class session that is SOLD OUT. 
Classes are sold as SESSIONS and have a strict limit as to how many children the classroom can accommodate and the number of props/ instruments that I have to use for a particular class. It's not fair to those enrolled in the session to have more children in the room than usual.

2. Make-ups will NOT be permitted in any class OUTSIDE OF YOUR CURRENTLY ENROLLED MONTH.

3. Make-ups will NOT be permitted in any SPECIAL EVENT CLASS.
(Refunds will be issued if you know that you will be missing up to 48 HOURS in advance. No refunds or make-ups will be permitted after 48 hours)

I am always willing to allow make-ups in classes that are not currently full (IF you check with me beforehand), as well as allowing people to 'share' sessions if they know they can not make it to all the classes ahead of time. E.g. for vacations, etc. I have had friends 'split' the cost of sessions before and each take 2 classes. This can be done by working something out ahead of time with a friend, I can not split payments for you.

I also LOVE those of you that GIFT your class that you will be missing to another that wouldn't get a chance to play otherwise. This always makes my heart smile! If you know that you will be out sick and wish to DONATE your spot that day, let me know!

Please know that these policies are put into place to protect the experience of class for all of the enrolled children!

If you have ANY questions regarding make-ups please  email me at


Miss. Sarah

The class was magical. It was exciting, energetic, yet somehow peaceful. It brought out a side of my son that I had never seen before. He was beyond happy. Structured perfectly.
— Michael
We love Miss Sarah’s classes! Very well planned out, fun, imaginative, lots of energy, and she is super awesome with the kiddos, and nurturing their individual personalities. We’ll definitely be signing up for more classes in the future.
— Meagan