Baby Preparation

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You've prepped for the birth, but let's not forget about what happens once your baby arrives! Our classes will give you the confidence you need to move through those first few days, weeks and months ahead. Whether you're an experienced parent or you haven't even held a newborn yet, our experts will give you exactly what you need to make your transition as smooth as possible!  Read about our class options and pricing below or register for the classes you already know you want to join- just click the registration box!

Newborn Prep

This postpartum prep class will cover the essentials of newborn care, including cord care, bathing, diapering, and sleeping and feeding schedules, as well as  postpartum recovery during those early weeks. More important, we'll share strategies, tips, and tools for successfully navigating your new role as a parent, soothing a fussy baby, and coping with postpartum hormones! We will also help you learn to recognize the most common complication of childbirth — postpartum depression — and offer important information on when, how, and why to seek help when needed.


$38 per client/couple


Latched: The Essential Breastfeeding & Pumping Class

Newborn babies come out ready to nurse! Breastfeeding is a natural choice, but it is still a learned skill for the baby and mom that takes patience, persistence, and good advice during the early weeks. While close to 75% of new moms in the U.S. start out breastfeeding, by 3 months the rate drops to nearly 30%. Prenatal preparation closes this gap, and gives you the tools you need to find out your definition of success with a minimum of worry and stress.

This class will cover everything you need to know ahead of time to help ease the transition for you and your baby, including recognizing baby's early hunger cues, appropriate feeding schedules, proper positioning and correct latch on, how long and how often to nurse, and how to recognize, solve, and hopefully avoid common breastfeeding concerns. We will also focus on the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy and successful breastfeeding relationship when you have to be away from your baby. You will learn how and when to start pumping, how and when to introduce a bottle, and how to keep up your milk supply while you are away from your baby. We will talk about how to safely pump, store, reheat, and serve breast milk. If you already have a pump, please bring it and we will show you how it works. If you have not yet purchased your pump we can help you choose the right pump for your needs. Individualized attention is given to ensure plans for each person are established for their continued breastfeeding journey based on individualized recommendations. 



My husband and I signed up for breastfeeding and transitions and we were so glad we did! The instructor prepared us with evidence based information and tools to be successful in breastfeeding. Janie was an amazing instructor that left us confident and equipped to care for our baby as we came home from the hospital. The techniques for soothing and a real honest approach to how those first few weeks would be was incredibly valuable!
— Amanda