Birth Preparation

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Today, most women in our culture have very little (or no) experience with birth when it comes time for them to do it themselves. Most of us have only seen birth on TV ("It's time!!!!" she screams, clutching her stomach). Or perhaps you've only heard horror stories, which many people feel compelled to share with any pregnant woman they can find, perhaps as a form of coping with their own fears about birth. Either way, this is not enough information to take with you into birth.

Attending a childbirth class gives you an opportunity not just to learn about what to expect and how it will happen, but also about your options. There are many options in childbirth, and we're not just talking about choices of medication. When the questions come up, are you ready to make an informed decision?

Birthing your baby doesn't have to be an agonizing, scarring experience! We're here to suggest that birth can and should be empowering, beautiful, emotional, and most importantly do-able! Having a positive birth experience has nothing to do with whether we choose pain medication or choose to go natural. It doesn't even have to do with a vaginal or cesarean birth. Positive birth experiences are created when women and families feel prepared for what lies ahead, are educated about their choices, and are respectfully treated and well supported through the experience. Below you will find descriptions of our available options. If you would like guidance about what classes might be best for your individualized needs, feel free to call us or attend our monthly MaterniTEA event!  Read below for descriptions and pricing or click below to register for classes you already know you want to join.


5 Week Your Birth Your Way Series (formerly Natural childbirth series)

This class draws from a variety of traditions and methods to offer you a broad-range of tools and techniques for managing your birth without medication, if you choose, or with medication, if you choose! We will learn about what happens in the body during birth and why, stages of labor, what to expect in your birth setting, and benefits and risks of common medical interventions so you can make the best choices for your family. We will discuss all the options available to you during labor and birth, not just the most common ones, and learn how to work with your care provider to create your birth plan and increase the likelihood of a successful natural birth.

The main focus of the class is preparing you physically and mentally for a safe and satisfying birthing experience. We will touch on a wide range of important topics from prenatal exercise and nutrition to newborn procedures. Ideally this series should be completed before about 37 weeks of pregnancy, to allow time for further planning and practice based on what you've learned. We don't recommend finishing the class too early— you may forget what you've learned.


$178 per client/ couple

Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage

Hypnobabies is a 6-week complete childbirth education course that incorporates real medical hypnosis techniques for easier and more comfortable births. Hypnobabies seeks to eliminate fear, preconceived notions, and anxieties surrounding pregnancy and birth. Our complete childbirth education prepares people for all aspects of birth including: staying healthy and low risk; the benefits, risks and alternatives to procedures commonly offered during birth; how the body functions during the stages of birth; full birth partner training; a live birth rehearsal; and much more. Our students leave calm, confident and ready to enter their birth with reassurance and understanding.  We are incorporating independent study with access to a certified instructor and more to make this unique option a wonderful asset to your upcoming birth. Just click the link to purchase your materials, contact us about your private session and begin the journey toward your easier and more comfortable birth. Full details can be found HERE or feel free to call us. 


$149  per client/couple plus home study materials

Childbirth Express

For those who just can't fit in a longer series of classes, we offer our personalized preparation condensed into a single day format. In the space of one afternoon we will learn about stages of labor, what to expect, when to go to the hospital, benefits and risks of many different interventions and childbirth options that may be offered, and how to work with your medical team to increase the likelihood of a positive birth experience.

Because our class sizes are kept small, we are able to provide personal attention and tailor the information to meet the needs of each individual class. This ensures that even in this intensive format, you will leave with your big questions answered, feeling more confident and more prepared.

Because this is an intensive format, we will not have any time to cover comfort measures, labor rehearsal, breastfeeding, pumping/going back to work, or transition to parenthood / baby care, We strongly encourage you to add the Labor Workshop for Couples, Transitions: Bringing Home Baby and Breastfeeding classes, if you are choosing to do so. This will ensure that you receive adequate information on comfort measures for labor, partner support skills, and how to do this thing called birth, as well as a good preparation for what comes next: feeding and caring for your baby around the clock!

Availability dependent on holidays. Please also look at private sessions when not available.


$150 (4 hours)

Birth Partner Bootcamp

This comfort measures and labor support workshop provides you with specific tools for coping with labor, providing partner support, and navigating your birth setting. We will cover some basic tips for pre-labor, early labor, and active labor, focusing on supportive body positioning to reduce discomfort and promote smooth labor progress. We will also review basic breathing and massage techniques to help you manage your labor, and practice important 3rd trimester pregnancy exercises that aid in a more comfortable end of pregnancy experience. We will offer specific tips and techniques for partners, so they can help "make it better." Please dress comfortably for sitting on the floor and practicing labor.

For experienced parents using this class as a Birthing Refresher, additional childbirth classes may not be necessary unless you're planning for a different kind of birth or postpartum experience. For first-time parents, this workshop is intended as an addition to your childbirth series, not as a stand-alone class. The Labor Workshop is like a dress rehearsal—putting what you've learned (and more, specific skills) into practice, reinforcing your classroom learning and giving you a feel for the rhythm of labor. We recommend pairing this workshop with one of our specialized childbirth series. Birth partners will leave feeling accomplished and prepared for the big birthday!



Your Birth Your Way: Private Childbirth Education

Uniquely you, this class seeks to educate you based on the information you desire to know while leaving out the things you've determined you'd rather not! We know childbirth is a personalized experience, so your education can be as well. If you don't have time to commit to a series of classes, you desire to learn  on on one, or you truly want the personalized attention of the instructor, this class was designed with you in mind! All classes are a four hour minimum and can be taught in our studio or in the comfort of your own home. Contact us now to schedule your session.


Starts at $250

We thought hospital classes would be good enough with out first child and were mistaken. We decided to take classes at Baby Moon for our second pregnancy and truly felt equipped and educated about the birth process as well as all of our options. We are very grateful to have Baby Moon in our community.
— Dan
After the hospital cancelled all their natural childbirth classes my fiancé and I signed up for the Baby Moon class. I went into labor (early) 2 days later!! When we left the class on the ride home was the first time I felt completely ready and armed with all the knowledge I needed to give birth - I knew I just had to DO the work.
— Katherine
Hypnobabies provided calm and comfort for the birth of our baby and we can’t say enough good things about the classes. We felt prepared for not only the birth, but also after the baby came. We met life long friends and truly enjoyed our time.
— Jennifer
I was hesitant about going to the classes, but within the first 30 minutes I was glad I had come. I never felt uncomfortable and learned how to help my wife throughout her pregnancy and labor. The insights and conversations were informative and the instructor worked to make everyone feel accepted and welcome!
— Sam