Prenatal, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and General Sessions:

Whether you're pregnant, have recently had a baby, have older children, are a Grandma, partner, or Grandpa, our general sessions will melt away stress and reduce tired, achy muscles.  Our highly skilled licensed massage therapists are highly sought after and a staple to our Baby Moon community. Their skill set cannot be matched and we are  happy to deliver the best to our Baby Moon clients, because that's what you deserve! Our 60, 75, and 90 minute offerings include prenatal, deep tissue, therapeutic (trigger point/myofascial), and postnatal.


60 minute: $80.00

75 minute: $95.00

90 minute: $115.00

Specialty Massages: $129.00 ( read about our offerings below)

Facial Rejuvenation: $95.00

Add On Items: 

15 minute Facial Rejuvenation  $25.00 (Contact us to add this to your massage)

Hot Stones $10.00


60 minute:

3 pack: $240.00

6 pack: $456.00

12 pack: $864.00

90 minute:

3 pack: $345.00 

6 pack: $655.50

12 pack: $1242.00

Massage + Yoga Packages:

5 yoga classes plus ( 1) 60 minute massage: $135.00

8 yoga classes plus (2) 60 minute massages: $215.00

12 yoga classes plus (3) 60 minute massages: $318.00

*Packages expire after 1 year and are non-refundable and non transferrable. Packages do not apply to specialty sessions*

Massage Therapy

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We have handcrafted a menu of essential therapeutic offerings designed to meet you where you are today: all stages from preconception, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum, as well as ongoing support for the hard work of parenting (yes, we see partners too!). Each service is always customized for your unique needs. From breech babies to immune support, natural labor induction to recharging the soul, we are here to support you as only Baby Moon can on your parenting journey. Most sessions can be scheduled online up to 24 hours in advance. If you don't see the appointment time you desire, please call or text us for more immediate availability.

Specialty Sessions: 


Labor Suite: When it’s time to get this party started, pressure points in the body can be stimulated to encourage the natural onset of labor. For 40+ weeks or those facing a medical induction. Book ahead of time whenever possible to insure a timely appointment. This is the perfect due date treat!

Turn Baby Turn: This intensive session utilizes numerous modalities including pressure points, alignment work, body mechanics, relaxation & guided imagery to address your baby's position. We will also show you simple exercises to continue at home to encourage your baby to turn. Although our technique has been successful at 38+ weeks, coming in sooner while there is still more room for the baby to turn may increase the likelihood of success. [Note: We DO NOT attempt to turn your baby during this treatment. An external cephalic version can only be performed by an OB ]

Birth Recovery: No matter how your baby came into this world, your body is in need of some relaxation, renewal and restoration. For those who have given birth by Cesarean, the first appointment can be scheduled after your follow up OB visit, stitches have dissolved and no infection is indicated. This early visit focuses on Craniosacral therapy to free up the dural tube, relieve back pain, improve sleep, and flush pain medication from the body. Later visits will focus on tissue work on the belly and eventually scar and surrounding connective tissue. For those who have given birth vaginally, let us help build you back up with compassionate touch, restoring your body after birth and sending you off with a little more energy than what you came in with!

Immune Booster: Our specialty session concentrates on support for the lymphatic system, which regulates the immune system. This gentle touch therapy encourages the body to eliminate waste products, excess fluid, and bacteria, boosting the immune system and bringing healthy flow back into the body. A powerful, deep cleansing treatment.

Complete Bliss: This specialty session is everything you could ever ask for within a 90 minute relaxation session. Start with a full body relaxing massage and finish with your choice of two 15 minute add on specialties: Facial rejuvenation, foot work, or scalp. The perfect treat for anyone!

Thai: This massage is perfect for those desiring a more modest approach to massage therapy. Therapists will move and stretch your body with your clothing on, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and comfortable!

Mama Latte: Designed specifically for those breastfeeding, our specialty massage uses techniques for lymphatic support to boost the immune system, eliminate waste products and bacteria and bring healthy flow back into the body. This gentle touch massage session is very effective for preventing and relieving common breastfeeding problems such as plugged ducts and mastitis. Breast tissue is not  touched during this massage. For acute or recurring issues we recommend more frequent sessions.

Fertility: Massage for Fertility is a specific therapy designed with a focus on supporting the person or couple conceiving. These nurturing massage sessions include craniosacral work, pituitary stimulation, jaw release, acupressure points, and reflexology, and are intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, natural planning for conception and, medical fertility care (if chosen).

These sessions are open to anyone trying to conceive, either naturally or through advanced reproductive technology. We have developed our Fertility Support program to support you--the whole person--on your journey to parenthood.



$129  for these 90 minute specialty sessions


Massage policy: We require 24-hours notice for cancellation of Massage appointments, out of respect for the therapist's time and our other patrons, who are often waiting for an opening. Cancellations made less than 24-hours in advance and no-shows will be charged the full fee for the session.  If your appointment is made within the 24 hour time cancellation period, this policy still applies. 

I cannot speak highly enough of the massage therapists at Baby Moon! I’ve enjoyed countless massages at Baby Moon and have never left disappointed!
— Emily
After having an unplanned Cesarean, I read about scar tissue from surgery and knew I wanted to schedule a birth recovery session. Tatsiana was wonderful and not only made me feel comfortable, but also worked with me to regain my body after surgery.
— Nicole
After my OB recommended I check into the Labor Suite massage as I approached 41 weeks, I called and set up an appointment. Within 24 hours I was not only in labor, but I also felt amazing!
— Nicole
I’m extremely finicky about massage and now that I’ve found Baby Moon I’m not going anywhere else. These ladies truly are the best!
— Melissa