Breastfeeding Consultation

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The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be very trying at times--but rest assured that with the proper support it can get better. While your doctor may be very supportive of breastfeeding, pediatricians are not breastfeeding experts. If you are having any issues with breastfeeding, including pinching or pain, or if your baby is gaining weight slowly or not at all, please don't continue to try to figure this out on your own! Most of the time a simple suggestion from a breastfeeding professional is all it takes to make your life much easier. Most need extra support during this early period of adjustment; others may find they need help later on, when going back to work or dealing with other issues that may arise. Breastfeeding Consultations are available now with our specialists. And because it's us, you can trust that the information you receive is based on current research and identified best practices, to support you in your breastfeeding goals.

If you have any questions or concerns, if it is painful to nurse your baby, if you are "hooked" on nipple shields, if your baby is gaining weight slowly or not at all, please don't spend another day worrying or wondering. We can address all the common concerns, check your baby's latch, and provide simple, helpful adjustments to immediately relieve your discomfort and promote a successful breastfeeding relationship. We can also help you identify the more serious health concerns, and provide one-on-one consultations to address your individual needs.  Now accepting HSA/FSA cards (please consult with your agent to assure coverage). Half hour visits are reserved only for those who have had a previous full check. 


In Office Latch Check: $89

In Home Latch Check (in the Lexington Metro area) $129

Latch Check Clinic: Simple 15-20 minute check up for those not needing one on one support. $49 (Register online or call for information)

Additional babies: $50 (for multiples)

In office IBCLC visit: $125

In home IBCLC visit: $175

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After going to multiple lactation consultants and clinics, I decided to try Baby Moon. They were a wealth of information and not only helped me get my baby latched correctly, they also took their time with a proper assessment.
— Joy

I always thought breastfeeding would be easy until I actually started doing it! Baby Moon helped me eliminate a nipple shield, increase my milk supply and, properly diagnosed a tongue tie that others had repeatedly missed. I am so thankful I listened to others and scheduled the appointment that I believe saved my sanity and breastfeeding relationship!
— Jenny