Car Seat Safety Checks

We know safety is a top priority for new parents. Unfortunately, many  don't realize car seat installation education by a skilled professional is essential to keeping their newest addition safe. Our highly trained and qualified CPST will not only help with installation of your car seats, but will educate you on proper fit and leave you with the confidence you need to be able to install the car seat on your own or in a family member's car! We know that at least 80% of car seats are either installed incorrectly or being misused and we're working hard to change that. Many assume that those in public service are trained and qualified to install car seats correctly, but many have simply taken a one day introductory session, which is not enough to install correctly. Stick with the experts on this one — Let's leave the fires to the fire department and car seat safety to the Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST's)!


Education and 1 seat $40

Education and 2 seats $55

Additional seats $10